About L'important

Real News…

Today, 62% of American adults get their news from social media websites where - as we all witnessed during the presidential campaign - fake news is prominent. According to Google’s CEO, fake news could have been a factor in the US election’s close result, spreading falsehoods about the candidates. 
Credibility, fact-checking and accuracy took a back seat to misinformation and propaganda. 
Fake news didn’t stop after the election. And it will continue to spread as they appeal to a large audience. 

Today, because our timelines and news feeds are contaminated by fake news, click-bait and like-bait, L’Important is sifting through the information for you to offer you a broad variety in all fields and let you discover new sources. We make sure all news is certified and authentic. 

No Algorithm

Real news means not only certified news, but news that matters. Which is why L’important is a 100% algorithm-free news source. No bots, no mathematic formula. Our daily selection is curated by a diverse team of women and men. Yes, real humans as the most efficient answer to algorithms. 
Formulas are proven to reinforce people’s preconceived beliefs, to limit the scope of their knowledge. 
L’important allows you to discover news that the social medias’s robots and algorithms are hiding from you.